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Are you writing in solitude? Do you wish you had other writers to discuss your plot, make a grammar or punctuation decision, discover where and how to get published?

As much as writing is a solitary activity, there comes a point where you need a community who can help you gain confidence in taking the next step.

people-woman-hand-desk-6360Are you a secret journaler who would like to write fiction, poetry, or articles, rather than your private activities and thoughts? Would you like to begin sharing your words and messages but don’t know where to begin? Are you hesitant to commit to joining a local writers’ group? Or finding a writing conference too big and expensive to attend?

There is another way to begin. Do you dare to try?

Inscribe Christian Writers Fellowship is a Canadian national organization that has a love of helping writers in a grass-roots kind of way. Each year they host WorDshops across the country.

FSJ Wordshop smallWorDshops are mini, one-day events that offer a variety of ways to connect with other writers.

A key-note speaker offers wisdom. There may be teaching workshops that explain part of the writing or publishing process. There may be interactive workshops or expert panels where you can ask the questions that are burning through your pen hand. Some may offer hands-on writing time to inspire you or practice a new skill. Lunch, or prizes, and books for sale are usually included.

Meet beginner writers, and experienced, published writers. But don’t worry, WorDshops are small, safe gatherings for all levels of writers. Even if you have never admitted that you like to write or want to write or dream of being published! The cost is reasonable, too. Writers of all ages are invited.

The 2017 theme for the WorDshops is “Write Words” There have already been four WorDshops, in Edmonton and Blackfalds, AB, Regina, SK, and Steinbach, MB.

But you have not missed out. There will be WorDshops in Airdrie, AB on May 6th and in Fort St John, BC on May 13th.

The Airdrie WorDshop features keynote speaker Greg Lammiman, who is an accomplished filmmaker. There will also be workshops on taking the next step in your writing, traditional/self-publishing, and finding/improving your speaker’s voice.

The Fort St John WorDshop features keynote speaker Erin Peters, a writer, blogger, and speaker. We will have an expert’s panel talking about managing your writing time. Our workshops will be about platform building, and beginning as a writer. We will even have time for readings for those interested in sharing their writing.

For more information or to register for one of these WorDshops, visit Inscribe.

And if you are still reading, here is a surprise…

The beginner writer workshop will be led by me! (WHAT am I thinking?!) So if you want to support me, laugh at me, or just connect with me as another beginner writer, come join us on May 13th in Fort St John.



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Marnie has recently retired to Saskatchewan, Canada to write and be with her grands. She shares from her heart, drawing from both painful and joyful life experiences, where she believes God's presence makes all the difference.

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