Rhythm and Rhyme



Do you read poetry? Do you write poetry?

Sometimes rhythm and rhyme flow from my pen to draw a poem. Most often I do not set out to write poetry, yet some things are not able to be expressed in any other way. To write a paragraph or a page would be to say too much, to explain too much, to draw lines that box you in. A poem outlines a moment of thought and lets the reader colour in the meaning from their own experience.

My post this month on the Inscribe Writers’ Online Blog, titled “I Write, Therefore I Am” is one of those poems that came when I was trying to write something completely different. Yet this poem says it all. And this poem leaves so much unsaid. You, the reader, may expand the words to provide meaning for you.

dandelion-1931080_1920Colour outside the lines. Use a paintbrush, a broken crayon, or even lipstick. Let the creative nature in you free to fly with the wild wind as you respond to the rhythm and rhyme of poetry.

Words are my creative outlet. I believe creativity puts colour into our lives and provides a way for us to appreciate beauty. What kind of creative outlet flows from you? Music? Art? Dance? Photography? Lego?

Tell me, what is your poetry?


4 thoughts on “Rhythm and Rhyme

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  1. Beautiful, Marnie …. your poem. I’m not set up to leave a comment on Inscribe, guess I should do that someday 🙂 I don’t often get poetry but I got that. I agree with your sentiments here too. Creativity adds a special blessing to our lives.


    1. Thank you! Poetry is one of those things that a poet writes, seeing one thing, but it is perfectly acceptable when readers pick up other things – at least to me it is. I enjoyed reading poetry in high school and do pick up poetry books even now.


    1. Oh, Tracy, you should share your poetry sometime. Being musical I bet your poems would have a lyrical quality to them. I don’t know much about poems. I guess I know the basics – a haiku, a limerick, but there are so many more “styles” that it might be fun to try each one at least once. HaHa – especially if they don’t have to be good ones.


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