Celebrating Weston

There are few things in this world that compare to the joy of being a grandmother. Though we live two provinces away so I don’t get much “gamma” time, I am thankful to live in an age of technology when I can see recent pictures and real-time video, and hear my grandson’s adorable voice.

The day before I became a grandma, I had a surgical procedure to remove cancer from my breast. Part of the procedure included needles of blue dye to locate lymph nodes. The dye eventually makes its way out of the body through urination.

20130313The next morning Weston was born, and I was recovering at home. I had just returned to bed from the washroom when my son phoned to tell us “It’s a boy!”

Now, it was probably the drugs talking, but I think my response was “Yahoo! I’m celebrating by peeing blue!”

2016 IMG-20160224-WA0000 2
Today Weston is three years old.

Happy birthday, precious boy. We love you.


The Red Shirt

In the television series, Star Trek, a crew member usually wore a red shirt. When an away (from the ship) mission was organized to explore new worlds, leonard-nimoy-393861_1280watchers knew the unnamed character who wore the low-ranking uniform of the red shirt would likely be the one who died.

The red shirt, in literature, movies, and television, has become synonymous with the disposable character of a story line.

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When Love Leaves, Brush Your Teeth

SAM_3081 2Valentine’s Day.
Red hearts, roses, chocolate, and jewelry.

Many married couples, though, eventually agree not to spend money on one another at this time, and family responsibilities mean the romance may be replaced with daily cares. We may feel “love” is no longer a meaningful word in our relationship.

Below is part of an essay I wrote many years ago for a marriage counseling course. It’s not academic, and is a bit of a longer read, but I think you’ll enjoy it, and trust you will never again look at your toothbrush the same way.

Take heart!
When Love Leaves, Brush Your Teeth.

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