The Rest of the Song

Canada Day fell on a Sunday this year and in our church service, we sang "O Canada." Did you know there were more words to the song adopted as our national anthem? In fact, there have been a variety of tunes and lyrics written by various people throughout our 151 years as a country. The... Continue Reading →


Mud Season

We are in between Winter and Spring. Perhaps still a little closer to Winter, or Second Winter as some say than to Spring, as we still have snow falling. I know the flowers are under this white layer, though, just waking up and beginning to stretch so when the sun throws off the blanket of... Continue Reading →

My heart swells

Throughout this month of July Canada has been celebrating our country's 150th year of being established as a nation. What do you like about living in Canada? Are you proud of being called a Canadian? How would you describe your Canada? This month the Inscribe Writer Online contributors have been blogging about Canada. My blog... Continue Reading →

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