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It is Finished

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The March theme for the Inscribe Writers Online blog was


Do you struggle with unfinished projects? Do you wish to resurrect unfinished stories or blog posts and breathe new life into them?  How do you stay on task until your project is completed? As you think of this topic, how is God prompting you to finish the unfinished?


I consider myself a beginner when it comes to writing, so I think all my projects are unfinished. Is that alright?

See what I had to say about this in my post at Inscribe Writers Online.

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For your convenience…

It has come to my attention that some who enjoy my word offerings have not been able to find them all, as they are not all shared on my own blog. To make it more convenient for you, my readers, I will begin sharing here the links to blogs I write on other sites and I will re-blog some from the past here on Phosphorescent.

If you “follow” Phosphorescent, you will receive notice whenever something new is posted. Please comment on, like, or share the posts you find of value.

One blog site I regularly contribute to is Inscribe Writers Online, where members of Inscribe Christian Writers Fellowship are able to practice writing to theme, word count, and deadline. This blog was the first place I shared publicly and began to find my “voice” as a writer. (My post for February can be found here. Inscribe also has another blog written by some professional writers.) Successfully blogging once each month for over a year on the Inscribe Writers Online blog, I felt more confident to begin my own blog, Phosphorescent.

To begin, here is my blog originally posted at Inscribe Writers Online on March 26, 2015.

Dancing Naked

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