Write Words

How did you spend this past weekend? I fed the writer in me by attending the Inscribe WorDshop “Write Words” held in Fort St John. Below, I share a few pictures I took from the day. Inscribe hosts these mini-conferences across Canada each year. The day is filled with inspiration, instruction, and interconnection. (Like how... Continue Reading →


A New Normal

Apparently, January blog posts contain similar things across the web: analysis of the previous year, new resolutions for the coming year, or both. We try to evaluate where we have been, where we want to be, and what we can do now to find our way on the journey between the two. Not everyone does... Continue Reading →

The Waiting

Waiting is hard! Whether or not we are waiting for something wonderful or something uncomfortable, we don’t like the waiting time. We know the path we need to be on, we know our destination, we know what we want to do. WHY do we have to wait? WHY doesn’t God just put things in place... Continue Reading →

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