Rhythm and Rhyme




Do you read poetry? Do you write poetry?

Sometimes rhythm and rhyme flow from my pen to draw a poem. Most often I do not set out to write poetry, yet some things are not able to be expressed in any other way. To write a paragraph or a page would be to say too much, to explain too much, to draw lines that box you in. A poem outlines a moment of thought and lets the reader colour in the meaning from their own experience.

My post this month on the Inscribe Writers’ Online Blog, titled “I Write, Therefore I Am” is one of those poems that came when I was trying to write something completely different. Yet this poem says it all. And this poem leaves so much unsaid. You, the reader, may expand the words to provide meaning for you.

dandelion-1931080_1920Colour outside the lines. Use a paintbrush, a broken crayon, or even lipstick. Let the creative nature in you free to fly with the wild wind as you respond to the rhythm and rhyme of poetry.

Words are my creative outlet. I believe creativity puts colour into our lives and provides a way for us to appreciate beauty. What kind of creative outlet flows from you? Music? Art? Dance? Photography? Lego?

Tell me, what is your poetry?


‘Twas the Day Before Spring

March 20, according to the calendar, is the first day of Spring. We may not yet experience the reality of warmer weather, especially those of us who live in the north.

winter-1146267_1920Most of us enjoyed winter for awhile, and some of us bemoaned that this winter we had a taste of thaw and then “second winter” came. By now, though, even those who love winter activities are yearning for a change in weather.

So today I offer a poem to encourage you. With apologies to Clement Clarke Moore (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas), here is ‘Twas the Day Before Spring’ by me, who longs for warm sunny days.

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