Three Ways to Support Canada’s Red Serge

Today is the ceremonial funeral for a Member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police who was killed while on duty. I didn’t know Constable Sarah Beckett, but in the 20+ years I have worked for the RCMP in various administrative support capacities and places, I have met many like her. We know Sarah was a dedicated... Continue Reading →


Dressed for Battle

I love when I find something in Scripture that speaks loudly to my heart. I know it is God answering my questions. This is a story of one of those times... Passage after passage in Scripture describes the lives of nameless people following God. There were artisans who didn’t get credit for their work. There... Continue Reading →

The Red Shirt

In the television series, Star Trek, a crew member usually wore a red shirt. When an away (from the ship) mission was organized to explore new worlds, watchers knew the unnamed character who wore the low-ranking uniform of the red shirt would likely be the one who died. The red shirt, in literature, movies, and television,... Continue Reading →

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