adventures in absorbing and reflecting God's light


Secret Mission

bright-1847006_1920Peering over the writer’s shoulder like an annoying supervisor, the naked light bulb dangling from the ceiling gives the impression of light while effectively casting shadows that hide the dust of neglect littered throughout the room.  Twelve-font letters drip like a leaky faucet, slowly but regularly into the glow of the computer screen.  Steadfastly, like an undercover operative on an assignment of national security, the writer labours single-handedly to construct a coherent sentence properly dressed in punctuation and grammar.

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Under Construction

SAM_0483Summer is a time of great adventures.

Time together while camping and vacation trips to see relatives are some of the best memories, aren’t they? There is nothing like driving on a bright sunny day to a water destination, is there?

Are you planning a vacation this summer?

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Write Words

How did you spend this past weekend?

I fed the writer in me by attending the Inscribe WorDshop “Write Words” held in Fort St John. Below, I share a few pictures I took from the day.

Inscribe hosts these mini-conferences across Canada each year. The day is filled with inspiration, instruction, and interconnection. (Like how I did that alliteration? Ha!) A most valuable day for any writer of any genre and experience!

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The Thief

They say your whole life flashes before your eyes in the final moments of time on this earth, but as I looked at the cross at the front of the church on Good Friday of 2007 it was not my life that flashed before my eyes. Nor was I considering the life of my Saviour, though the church presentation of the Easter story leading up to the crucifixion was dramatic.

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Wanna-be a Writer

Are you writing in solitude? Do you wish you had other writers to discuss your plot, make a grammar or punctuation decision, discover where and how to get published?

As much as writing is a solitary activity, there comes a point where you need a community who can help you gain confidence in taking the next step.

people-woman-hand-desk-6360Are you a secret journaler who would like to write fiction, poetry, or articles, rather than your private activities and thoughts? Would you like to begin sharing your words and messages but don’t know where to begin? Are you hesitant to commit to joining a local writers’ group? Or finding a writing conference too big and expensive to attend?

There is another way to begin. Do you dare to try?

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It is Finished

InScribe Button Thumb 150 x 150

The March theme for the Inscribe Writers Online blog was


Do you struggle with unfinished projects? Do you wish to resurrect unfinished stories or blog posts and breathe new life into them?  How do you stay on task until your project is completed? As you think of this topic, how is God prompting you to finish the unfinished?


I consider myself a beginner when it comes to writing, so I think all my projects are unfinished. Is that alright?

See what I had to say about this in my post at Inscribe Writers Online.